CallersIQ Features

CallersIQ is a Smart CRM designed for today’s dealership needs.

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SMS Text Messaging

A convenient and direct way to connect instantly with your contacts. Sent and received as a text message, the activity is logged in your contacts’ history

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Digital Document Signing

Take contactless to the next level with digital document signing. Customers can sign documents from the comfort of their home.

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Email Campaigns

Create and send emails right from the platform.

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Website Text Message Widget

Add a Text widget to the bottom of your site and start texting with your customers instantly. All conversations are stored for later reference.

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Inventory Management

Inventory is a central part of your sales process. This feature allows you to keep it all organized in one place.

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Quotes & Proposals

Send a professional deal proposal to your customers in seconds.

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Comprehensive Contact Profiles

Designed to enhance communication with contacts, we go beyond the basics by retrieving social profiles & interests, mapping contact home address, and tracking their purchase history with your company.

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Caller ID Module

Designed to give you an edge when speaking with your contacts. When you receive a call from one of your contacts the Caller Identity Module pops up with information about the caller.

  • Pop-up links directly to caller's full contact profile.
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Where automation meets you. Streamline your sales process by setting up workflows to automate your contact follow-up strategy.

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User Dashboard

All vital information displayed on the dashboard upon login for easy access, visibility, and usability

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Deal Management

Designed with simplicity in mind, this drag and drop interface makes managing and tracking your deals easy.

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Team Integrated Task Management

Each team member is in charge of their own operations while also having the ability to join forces when desired.

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Fully Customizable

Add, delete, rearrange all fields. Tasks, workflows and more, all custom to save you time on data entry so you can focus on selling more.

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Take charge of your entire sales process with CallersIQ

It’s all here. Start connecting with your customers now for free and upgrade as you need.

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